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Providing Buteyko teacher training for healthcare professionals since 2003.



We are very excited to run the Buteyko Teacher Training course, online twice a year, typically in March and November. We teach professionals with a health care degree who live in and outside the UK. 

Please see 'course' for further information'


If you would like to find out more or register your interest in a course please email the Buteyko Teacher Trainers at, including your profession and which country you live in.


Teaching Buteyko provides Buteyko teacher training for healthcare professionals who wish to use Buteyko techniques with their patients or clients. Delegates who pass the course will be able to demonstrate proficiency and confidence in applying Buteyko techniques in clinical practice.


We focus on providing training through a variety of teaching styles and teach in small group sizes, supported by training on theory, practical, evidence and safe application for both pediatrics and adults. Our teacher trainers are both experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who work in respiratory care within the NHS and private practice.

We are based in the UK, however healthcare professionals have come to train with us from all over the world. Our courses are accredited by the Buteyko Breathing Association, with successful course completion leading to membership of the Buteyko Breathing Association


"This must rate as one of the best courses I have attended in 30 years. Experienced and well informed presenters working in the field and passionate about the method." - Physiotherapist, Adult & Child Module.

"The course was well organised and well run. The tutors were knowledgeable and directed each session well with ample time for questions and discussion without digression" - Osteopath, Adult & Child Module.

"Excellent course that I would highly recommend to others. I learnt a lot, all that can be applied within my clinical practice. Excellent teachers and relaxed environment (non-judgmental) that you could engage in discussions." -Physiotherapist, Adult & Advanced Module.

I really enjoyed the study days and have learnt loads. I have already implemented some of the techniques in 2 patients I saw yesterday and I’m convinced that it will vastly improve their symptom control and quality of life” – Respiratory Specialist Nurse, Adult Module.

Buteyko Breathing Technique

Buteyko is a breathing technique that can help manage asthma symptoms, alongside conventional medical management.

The BTS/SIGN Guideline on the Management of Asthma, 2019 states that

"behavioural programmes centred on breathing exercises and dysfunctional breathing reduction techniques (including physiotherapist-delivered breathing programmes such as the Papworth method, and the Buteyko method) can lead to modest improvements in asthma symptoms and quality of life, and reduce bronchodilator requirement in adults with asthma." (p.60). 

Buteyko Breathing
Association (BBA)


The BBA is an association of healthcare professionals who wish to promote and support best practice of Buteyko.

Although based in the UK their members are found all over the world. Professions represented within the BBA membership include physiotherapists, nurses, medical doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors. The annual Study Day and AGM is usually held in London. 

​For further information visit the BBA website.

BBA founding members meet Dr Buteyko, July 2000, London.

Professional Buteyko teacher training provided by experienced clinicians. 
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