The Course

"I have loved all aspects of the course and it has re-awoken my passion for breathing." - Physiotherapist, Adult & Child Module.

Adult & Child Module: 

We are currently offering the Adult & Child Module, which covers all the Buteyko techniques. Child techniques can also be useful for adults who do not have the time to practise full adult Buteyko or who find the adult techniques difficult to understand or master. Our courses are accredited by the Buteyko Breathing Association


This is a post graduate level course, previously run as a Masters module at Coventry University, we therefore only accept healthcare professionals with a degree or equivalent in an appropriate subject onto our courses. Please contact us if you are unsure if your qualification is suitable.

The course consists of three modules.

Pre-course requirement:  Personal practice of Buteyko following a DVD and CD, for two weeks while completing a reflective diary. Completion of a question sheet reviewing current pharmacological asthma management. 


Taught component: Taught over three consecutive days, with the focus on learning how to teach Buteyko effectively and safely to others. The course is very practical, with approximately two thirds of the time spent practising and teaching the techniques in a small class size of around 15 students. A fully referenced training manual (over 100 pages) is also provided.


Post-course work: Case studies and a powerpoint presentation or article on an aspect of Buteyko teaching are required to be submitted within six months of the taught course.

Successful completion leads to membership to the Buteyko Breathing Association. 


"A really well run and enjoyable course. Catherine and Gillian are both great and extremely knowledgeable. I feel confident to begin to start using Buteyko in my practice." - Physiotherapist, Adult & Child Module.