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The Course

"I have loved all aspects of the course and it has re-awoken my passion for breathing." - Physiotherapist, Adult & Child Module.

Adult & Child Module: 

We are currently offering the Adult & Child Module, which covers all the Buteyko techniques. Child techniques can also be useful for adults who do not have the time to practise full adult Buteyko or who find the adult techniques difficult to understand or master. Our courses are accredited by the Buteyko Breathing Association


This is a post graduate level course, previously run as a Masters module at Coventry University, we therefore only accept healthcare professionals with a degree or equivalent in an appropriate subject onto our courses. Please contact us if you are unsure if your qualification is suitable.

There are 5 weekly online sessions in the evenings for 2 hours. There is a considerable amount of time required before, during and after the course for successful completion and qualification. This includes: 


  • Attendance at all 5 live sessions 

  • Pre coursework of 3 presentations and quizzes and a practice diary using videos and audios. 

  • After each live session there will be 2-3 presentations and quizzes to submit by the Monday before the next live session, alongside practicing buteyko techniques using videos and audios, and submitting a practice diary. 

  • Each week after the live online session, you will be assigned a buddy to practice with. Please ensure you have some flexibility within these weeks with times and days to meet up with them online.  

  • After the live courses there is post coursework. This includes: 

  1. Either Presenting a PowerPoint presentation or writing a professional article on an aspect of BBT.   

  2. Write up Adult Case Studies within 6 months after the live course 

  3. For an additional Child qualification, write up child case within 12 months after the live course. 

    You will be eligibility for the course if you have a health care degree (proof of registration number or certificates will be required). The course will be in English.  


"A really well run and enjoyable course. Catherine and Gillian are both great and extremely knowledgeable. I feel confident to begin to start using Buteyko in my practice." - Physiotherapist, Adult & Child Module.

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